"After Yolanda, The PSHS Way!"

UPDATE:  After Yolanda, the PSHS Way!
“Philippine Science High
Thou stands above with thoughts that lift
And fit all thy sons with wings
To lend us flight in the sowing of our gifts”

Many Filipinos and people across the world saw and heard of  Typhoon Yolanda’s strength and its devastating effects on Leyte, particularly on Tacloban, through the  reports of ABS CBN Reporter, CNN tagged ‘hero’,  Atom Araullo, ’00, who bravely, amidst the howling winds and very heavy downpour during the storm, amongst the massive debris and dire conditions after, gave a blow-by-blow account on ground zero. Atom is PSHS Batch 2000. 

The PSHS Eastern Visayas Campus (EVC) in Palo, Leyte was badly damaged, all buildings left without roofs and windows.  More so, a significant number among its scholars, teachers and staff and their families were severely affected in terms of deaths and injuries of family members, loss or damage to their homes and loss of means of livelihood.  Two PSHS EVC scholars and one staff died.

Since then, the PSHS Community, not just here in the Philippines, but from all over the world has unified to  give goods and cash, time and services and used their skills and resources to provide relief to the scholars, teachers and staff, and the Palo community and  to rebuild the campus. The ‘lagablab’ of giving indeed shining brightly!

The Campus as an evacuation center.  From November 8 to December 15, the campus became a temporary home to about 300 families or 3,000 individuals, including some scholars, teachers and staff and their families. BBC and Wall Street Journal, reported on EVC Campus Director Rey Garnace’s management of the EVC as an evacuation center.  Reportedly,  it was the among “best-run” evacuation centers.

PSHS Executive Director, Dr. Josette Biyo upon receiving the call for help from Dir. Garnace, immediately embarked on an intrepid journey, via air, sea and land, to Palo, Leyte, to deliver urgently needed food, water and other relief goods, bought from collected donations from the teachers, staff and scholars of the PSHS Main Campus and the Cagayan Valley Campus, merely 4 days,  after Yolanda, or on November 11,  when travel conditions were arduous even dangerous.  Through her, DOST sent satellite phones to address communication needs. With Dr. Biyo were Central Luzon Campus Director Lilia Habacon and some faculty and staff from the Central Visayas Campus (Cebu).  (see Rappler, November 14, 2014)
Parents of scholars and alumni within the Visayas  who were not affected by Yolanda, brought all they could spare to the campus to help out.  The need for food and water was very urgent. The solar-charged water purification center, a donation through the Jesuit and Ateneo community and the water plant, donated by Spain, indeed  benefitted all the evacuees, even the Palo community.

The teachers, staff, parents and students  of the Bicol Regional Campus (BRC), Lanao Campus (CMC), Cebu Campus (CVC), Cordillera Campus (CARC),  the PSHS System sent cash donations for relief and resource mobilization .
In  Diliman, the Student Alliance and the Executive Parent Teacher Association and PTA Batches of 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2019 of the Main Campus appealed for, collected and repacked relief goods - food, clothing, medicines, hygiene kits, household items.  These were transported to Leyte courtesy of parents and alumni including, DOST Secretary Joseph Abaya, ’83, DOE Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla and parent Moi Apostol.  Governor Dominic Petilla ensured that all relief goods earmarked for EVC really reached EVC.  Dir. Garnace and the EVC teachers and staff managed the distribution of the relief goods. 

NAA Trustee Atty. Oliver Baclay, ‘92, himself from Leyte and the EVC, was and continues to be a link between the NAA and the Foundation  and the EVC - relaying needs, validating information, delivering cash and other donations and really just helping out.

The PSHS National Alumni Association, led by its President Jondi Flavier,’78, with the unflagging support of Gina Eubanas, ’83, Tylette Moreno, ’78,  set forth on several EVC NAA relief missions.  The NAA gratefully acknowledges Christianne Quemado, ’04, Grace Lofranco, ’06, Jovilyn Fajardo, ‘02, and Joyce Chua, ‘01 who raised funds and solicited goods;  Mr. and Mrs. Zosimo and Julie Montes who provided vehicles to transport the goods; the repacking volunteers in Cebu; the Metropolitan Christian Fellowship and Family and all the other volunteers and donors who made the relief operations possible. Due cognizance is given to Lyra Verzosa, ’93 who organized the medical missions.

Further, the PSHS NAA recognizes the efforts of  Aida De Los Reyes, ’05, DOTC Usec Julianito Bucayan, ’80, Cynthia Verzos, ’85,  Noreen Bautista, Susan Warren Mercado,’78, Dante Del Rosario, ’85, Irwin Cafugauan, ’88,  Mary Rose Dela Cruz, ’83, Atty Marven Daquilanea, ’78, Beta Epsilon UP B86, Lt. Col Jess Durante, ’88, Rose Prudente-Jocson, 90, Rowena del Rosario-Raymundo, ’82, and Col. Peale Jon and Karen Bondoc - they made giving seem easy!
DOST Secretary Mario and former Foundation Trustee Maritz Montejo and their big-hearted friends, including the Municipality of Pulilan, Bulacan donated and turned over P407,945.00, which was distributed to the teachers and staff of the EVC as financial assistance.

The CLC (Clark Campus) gave P100,000.00, which was distributed to the other EVC staff, - the part-time teachers, the job orders and the utility and security personeel.
Carlo Domingo, ‘98 and Ria Silvernick solicited food, water, medicines and clothes in Singapore.  The Manila Jaycees took care of the shipping, demurrage, storage, regulatory fees and trucking expenses of the 2- 20 feet containers and 3 - 40 feet containers of relief goods! Broker Rosie Revilla waived their fees.  Parent Danny Rayos took care of the trucking cost from the pier to PSHS.

Aside from the goods distributed in EVC, most of  the relief goods were shared and distributed by the Manila Jaycees to other Yolanda stricken areas in Iloilo.  The Western Visayas Campus (WVC), through Dir. Shena Ganela,  was the receiving and  distribution center in Iloilo.

Big thanks to the donors from Singapore, Ria, Lloyd Chao and the Manila Jaycees, Carlo and Batch 98, Danny Rayos, the National Alumni Association, Gina Eubanas,’83,  and Roman Buenafe, ’81, the janitors who unloaded the goods from the container; teachers, students, parents and alumni who helped re-pack the goods; Secretary  Abaya, ‘84, who helped transport the goods to Palo and Dir. Garnace who managed the distribution.
Donations from  alumni and parents of the EVC and the donations of the parents, teachers and staff of the WVC, the CARC, the CVC, the PSHS NAA, the Batangas City Council and other donors, to EVC have reached P1,215,748.41.
Donations through the Batch 88 Donation Portal, ‘aghamrd.ph’, to the ‘EVC Emergency Fund’ have reached P710,757.40.
Donations through the Foundation, generously given by students, faculty and staff of other PSHS campuses, parents of scholars and alumni, alumni and other donors of the Foundation,  have reached P593,903,15.00.

A total of P985,508.50 (P531,295.35 from the EVC Emergency Fund and P454,213.15 from the Foundation EVC Rehabilitation and Rebuilding Fund) has been released by the Foundation to EVC for the clean-up of the campus and  to  rebuild Academic Building 1, to be ready for the resumption of classes on January 15, 2014. To date, the trusses have been rebuilt, and the roofing almost completed.

Sourced from the EVC MOOE budget and the EVC Savings, the Administration Building has been reroofed and repaired.
Outreach International has donated P225,500.00 towards the Cash for Work Program - hiring workers in the Palo community for the repair or rebuilding of the EVC buildings.
Thanks to all of you, our generous donors.  May the ‘lagablab’ of giving continue to burn brightly among all of you.

Moving Forward
The PSHS Executive Committee, recognizing the psychological importance of returning to normalcy after a tragedy or trauma, also in consideration of the scholars and their families who moved to Metro Manila and other places after Yolanda,  allowed EVC scholars to attend classes in the campuses of their choice. 

number of scholars are now attending classes in the Main Campus, the Southern Mindanao Campus (Davao City), Western Visayas Campus (Iloilo) and Central Visayas Campus. The DOST  released relocation allowances for these scholars.

The SMC, WVC and CVC faculty, scholars and parents are generously attending to the needs of their adopted EVC scholars.

In the Main Campus.  Dir. Virginia Andres, prodigiously planned the transport, housing (mostly in the dormitories) and the admission, academics and the adjustment of the EVC scholars. Dr. Biyo herself fetched about 20 scholars from Palo and brought them to Quezon City. A total of 89 scholars, 56 Seniors,  19 Juniors,  8 from Grade 8 and 6 from Grade 7 started classes on November 25 . They have been warmly taken in and accepted  by the scholars, teachers and staff of the Main Campus.

Primary consideration was given to food costs required by the scholars amongst other needs.  At P50.00 per meal (1 rice, 1 ‘ulam’), x 3 meals a day, x 30 days a month or P4,500.00 a month;  an amount many affected parents will find extremely difficult to fund, if at all. 

On November 25, the PSHS Foundation, Inc., honed by its almost 34 years of  experience of administering its Godparent Program, launched the EVC Godparent Program.  The response from alumni, parents, and friends was overwhelming, slots for the godparents required by the 69 EVC scholars accepted into the program quickly filled up.  These 69 students have been matched with 47 godparents, inclusive of the  alumni batches who have agreed to be godparents as a batch.  The godchildren receive P4,000.00 monthly, from December, 2013 through to March 2014.  The Foundation’s “Godmother”, Linda Cordova, assisted by Micah Tiburcio and Liza Dotado, administer the Program. Maraming Salamat po, mga Ninong at Ninang.

From the largesse of donors, the Foundation  has also been able to build an EVC Godchildren Care Fund which will be solely used for the other needs of the EVC scholars, e.g. for tutorial sessions if so required, psychological testing, psychiatric and psychotherapy sessions and medical and other needs. 

Dr. Alice Sibal-Lim, ‘75, is taking care, on a one on one basis, of scholars who are having difficulty coping with Yolanda’s aftermath, even with their other emotional problems.  Sir Lito Englaterra is their Academic Adviser.  The Guidance Center, led By Sir Ed Briones, takes care of de-stressing and adjustment needs and other social and emotional concerns.

The EVC scholars now at the Main Campus, enjoyed their Christmas Party last December 7, courtesy of Batch 75 and the NAA, transported by bus to the residence of Lito, ’75 and Min Sibayan - they were entertained, they entertained, sang ther hearts out; had good food; received cash gifts; received loot bags containing school supplies, hygiene products; a PLDT jacket and other items; did cashless shopping of new and previously owned clothes and accessories, books and other items and received relief goods from Risa Hontiveros of Akbayan.  Batch 73 and other alumni helped out, giving even more packages and boxes of relief goods.

The PTA brought the scholars to Trinoma for food and shopping for necessities.  Godparent Cynthia Madriaga, immediately, upon hearing of their need, donated mugs and silverware for their use. They were brought home to Leyte for Christmas break and back through Secretary Abaya.

Batch 92, led by Jan Espino and Sir Petri Espanol have turned over 84 calculators, with 82 more forthcoming for the scholars at the EVC Campus.

The NAA through donations given by alumni is providing financial assistance for alumni EVC scholars now in UP. The EVC Alumni Assistance Fund, to date, has a total of P460,000.00.  Assistance is intended to be continuing until graduation, especially for those who were orphaned or is the only surviving member of his/her family.


For the remaining 254 scholars in EVC,  classes resumed  just last January 15 and will end on April 25. Many have lost family members, sometimes the family breadwinner.  Many belong to families who have lost their livelihood. About a hundred of them have/had to live with severely damaged homes.  They need your help.

The Foundation has recently instituted the same EVC Godparent Program for these scholars in need.  So far, 8 godparents, mostly PSHS batches - Batch 75, Batch 73, Batch 76, Batch 86, Batch 87,
and the Philippine Mine Safety & Environment Association, who give to multiple scholars, have responded to the call.  Already, 100 godchildren have been accepted  into the program.  More  scholars have applied to the EVC Godparent Program. We need more godparents…. We need you. 

Since January 15, about 130 scholars are now occupying the dormitories.  The roofs are gone, windows remain broken.    It takes time for government to budget and release funds for rebuilding. We, the PSHS community, do not need such time, each of us - a peso, a hundred, a thousand - can give NOW.  Together, we can help rebuild the dormitories.  We CAN!

77 out of the 78 Seniors have passed the UPCAT.  Those who passed UP Tacloban are awaiting feedback from UP as to where they will be allowed to enroll.

For those who passed UP Diliman, a parent, Atty. Eric Mallonga together with other donors, have offered free tuition and free board and lodging for about 15 of the EVC Seniors for at least 2 years, hopefully, with more donors, until graduation.  Should they qualify for free tuition under UP’s STFAP, they would be given allowances to cover expenses for ‘baon’, transportation and school related expenses. More donations will ensure full scholarship benefits for these students.

The plight of the EVC was featured in TV Patrol last February 4 by Korina Sanchez.  An appeal to help rebuild the campus was raised.  Two kind hearted souls, now EVC godparents, saw this and called and said they would want to be godparents to 1 and 6 godchildren respectively, with the latter  also giving to the neediest teacher.

To date, there are 3 generous would-be donors who have pledged to help in the rebuilding of EVC  - a businessman (former statesman) who will help rebuild Academic Building 2, a corporate foundation and an alumna.  Rebuilding plans have to be presented to and approved by the PSHS Board of Trustees as   required by government rules.


Aside.  Carl was brought to the Foundation Office, 2 days after arrival from Leyte, by the Dorm Manager, saying that Carl has since then worn only the clothes on his back.  The next day, Linda brought a bag of used clothes for Carl.  Carl, then still wearing the same clothes, was happy.  Upon seeing that there were 4 pairs of  ‘maong’ pants, among other items - he asked if he could share these with a friend who also had no other clothes. Touching.  Indeed, imbued with the ‘lagablab’ of sharing!

Organized generosity. Transparency and accountability. Acknowledgement of donations. Direct and personal assistance. A passionate giving of self and one’s gifts. Going beyond the ordinary. The PSHS Way!
Tess Carpio-Bacungan.  PSHSFI.

The List of Donors and the Summary Report of Donations and Uses are posted on the Foundation website (pshsfi.com).
Some donations have yet to be acknowledged - there were deposits to the aghamrd.ph and the Foundation BPI account which were made without advise to the Foundation nor faxing/emailing the deposit slip.  Likewise, there may be inadvertent omissions, our apologies. Please call Liza or Micah at 9240655 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to allow us to make the corrections . Thank you.

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Comme d'habitude, il est difficile a quantifier, parce que de regarder, meme a temps eclaires aujourd'hui moins de 20% des hommes ayant des problemes d'erection aider, mais la recherche suggere un montant de plus de pharmacie ligne vente propecia Reims 200 millions de personnes qui souffrent de l'impuissance dans le monde occidental.

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